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About Youthful Lutheran

Celebrating Existence

Why the name “Youthful Lutheran?” …well, it’s kind of an acceptance – even embracing – of the statement, “you’re too young to be a pastor!” It is also a statement about how young people in Lutheran congregations are creating waves in the world, today (which, by the way, will be part of the mission of this site – to hold up some of those stories of young Lutherans!).

Youthful Lutheran is an online presence for people involved in, or supportive of, ministry with young people – particularly, but not exclusively, in Canada and in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

You’ll find resources for liturgy and worship, Christian education (particularly for young adults and those who may be inquiring about faith community), preaching, and – with your input – conversation about ministry with young people and people outside the doors of “traditional, Lutheran churches.”

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It is primarily administered by Rev. Tyler Gingrich, but Youthful Lutheran includes and promotes the work of others as a collaborative effort.


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